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Renaud Louis-Servais



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Music Teacher

I'm a Music Teacher


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Online Private Lessons, Online Grouped Lessons

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Blues / Pop / Rock, Classical, Composition, Jazz / Fusion, Metal

Informations / Conditions


I give english-spoken Skype lessons in all the world.

The price is $50 per hour, payment is made by paypal the day before the course in order to reserve the time slot.

Classes cover the study of songs, technique (alternate picking, sweeping, tapping …), improvisation, music theory, harmony, chord construction, scales, etc…

This is basically what I teach to students like Manou Rao (France/India, 15 y.o. and +50 concerts around the world), Tina S (France, 19 y.o. and +160 million views on YouTube), Callum McPhie (Australia, 14 y.o., Australia Got Talent 2016 finalist), Andrei Cerbu (Romania, 16 y.o., +200 videos on YouTube) or Daniela Villareal (Mexico, 19 y.o. and millions of views with his band The Warning)

During the course, I provide the student with reference documents (tablatures, diagrams, scales, chord boxes, etc.) via a dropbox folder in his name.

So try it now ! You WON’T regret it !