Conditions of use

Description of the Articles:

Each product offered by Guitar4Fans is the subject of the most detailed possible description in the catalog.


The price of each product is indicated in the catalogue. This price is formulated in Euro including all taxes.
To this price is added the price of the transport calculated in function, on the one hand, of the weight of the parcel, and on the other hand, of its destination. The possible customs duties are not included/understood in the price and must be discharged by the purchaser under his responsibility.

Modes of payment:

The payments carried out in Euro are:

  • By Credit Card, using protected system PAYPAL.
    PAYPAL is one of the biggest payment methodes in the internet, over 50 million people world wide using paypal and it is available in over 48 countries.
    PAYPAL is owned by eBay and nearly every eBay user for sure heard about it. But also other big online stores like ITunes from Apple using PayPal.
  • By Bank transfer  with account informations provided during the order.
  • By check (Only for french customers) to be turned over with the purchase order duly supplemented present on the site, by the post office.


Conditions of use for downloading files:

All offered files are protected by (inter)national laws and agreements. Violation of it can lead to civil or criminal lawsuits. The downloading of the music files is only ment for personal, non commercial purposes. Strictly forbidden is adaptation and duplication over the allowed legal commandments.
Also strictly forbidden is the public performance, the public broadcast, other distributions, especially by e-mail, FTP, Peer To Peer networks or comparable services. These prohibitions are also unrestricted valid if the customer is not acting commercial or for non money. Advanced rights are not confered to the
customer, especially no author or other industrial property right, trade mark rights and name rights – also in terms of the fotos and cover artwork.

The audio files have the file format MP3. After downloading it is possible to save the file on the hard disc of the customer, to burn on a CD-R and to export to a portable mp3 player for private use.

The responsibility from Guitar4Fans is limited to the purchase price of the ordered music files. takes no responsibility for data loss or hardware errors, which may happen through incompatibility on customers computer systems because of the use of needed software to play the music files, as well not for system errors, which take place through wrong configurations or older not full deinstalled drivers.

How to make the downloads:

As soon as your order is done we check that the payment is well received. Then an email is automaticaly sent to you so you know you can download your file(s).

Here is how to proceed:

1 – Connect to
2 – Login to your account.
3 – Click on “Account history” and on “View”
corresponding to your order.
4 – Click on Download button.
5 – A window will open, select Save.
6 – Choose the repertory where you want to put the file then click on Save.

If ever you have a problem during the download, like a network failure, you can proceed again.


MP3 files purchased and downloaded from cannot be refunded since we can not ascertain whether or not the product has been used/stored.


Making and confirmation of order:

The order is carried out by the purchaser s validation of the purchase order recapitulating the whole of the conditions of sale and by the payment of the price.
The sale becomes firm after complete payment of the price and confirmation of order by Guitar4Fans.
All the offered products are, in theory, available within the limit of stocks, Guitar4Fans reserves however the possibility of informing the purchaser of the specific difficulties of provisioning of a product and, if necessary, of refusing its order.
In the event of refusal of its order and if the purchaser carried already out his payment, Guitar4Fans refunds to him the entirety of the price as soon as possible.


The ordered products are dispatched with the address indicated by the purchaser within 48 indicative hour as from the date of confirmation of order by Guitar4Fans.
Guitar4Fans makes sure that the order arrives at the purchaser as soon as possible, nevertheless its responsibility could not be committed in the event of delay or of difficulty of delivery.
Guitar4Fans informs the purchaser of any difficulty affecting the delivery, and reserves faculty to cancel whole or part of the order subject to informing
the purchaser of it and to refund his payment as soon as possible to him.
The products are delivered in a packing allowing a protection maximum, necessary to their transport.

Right of retraction:

In any event, the purchaser has a time of 7 working days retractation as from the delivery date of the products and can, within this time to turn over to his expenses the products.
As of reception, Guitar4Fans credits the account with the purchaser of the selling price, T.T.C. if it is necessary, of the products except transport charges.


If the delivered products are not in conformity with the order or present an apparent defect, the purchaser can, within 15 day as from the delivery date, to always turn over them to Guitar4Fans with the proviso of being in their packing of origin.
As of reception and checking of nonconformity or apparent defect, Guitar4Fans credits the purchaser with the price of the product in question or with the choice of the purchaser, replaces the defective product.

Applicable duty:

The sale contract concluded between Guitar4Fans and the purchaser as well as the present offer are governed by the French Right.
Any disagreement which could not have been regulated with friendly will be exclusive competence of the French Commercial courts .