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Jazz-Rock Guitar Genius Allan Holdsworth Dies Age 70

Allan Holdsworth RIP 1946 - 2017

Allan Holdsworth, the rock and jazz guitar virtuoso who was best known for his work with Soft Machine and numerous other jazz-rock and progressive bands, died on Saturday (15 April). He was 70, and passed away at his home in Vista, California; no cause of death was immediately given.

Holdsworth has been called as an influence by such renowned rock, metal and jazz guitarists as Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Shawn Lane, and Alex Lifeson.

Frank Zappa once called him as “one of the most interesting guys on guitar on the planet”, while Robben Ford has said: “I think Allan Holdsworth is the John Coltrane of the guitar. I don’t think anyone can do as much with the guitar as Allan Holdsworth can.

Allan Holdsworth RIP 1946 - 2017


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