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Jackson officially announces guitar icon Marty Friedman back to the Jackson artist fold

Jackson is thrilled to officially announce and welcome guitar icon Marty Friedman back to the Jackson artist fold.

One of the most influential and respected players in the world, Friedman’s impactful and game-changing contributions to heavy metal and guitar in general continue to inspire generations of musicians and music fans to this day. He defined modern guitar playing with Jason Becker in Cacophony, was a key element in the wildly successful rise of thrash pioneers Megadeth, and with his “Marty-esque” improvisations and exotic fusion of Eastern and Western music, has achieved global success with his 12 solo albums.

During his tenure with Megadeth in the ’90s, Friedman also helped to highly popularize the Jackson Kelly, his main axe at the time. In 1996, Jackson released a Marty Friedman USA Signature model based on the Kelly that has left an indelible mark on the look of heavy metal guitars.

“From the first time I saved my money as a teen to buy a Jackson to the day they released my first sig model Kelly, there was always an aura of greatness about the brand and the instruments,” said Friedman. “Even more important than that, the people at the company have always gone way beyond the call of duty to help me pursue my musical goals—even when I was not officially working with the company. That speaks volumes to me. My longstanding relationship with Jackson gave birth to my new sig model, which was a massive project for both of us. It’s a guitar that can hang with the most aggressive playing possible, as well as allows tender interpretations of melodies, two major elements of my music. Oh, and it looks badass, too.”

Friedman’s all-new signature model will be officially unveiled at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif., in January 2017.

Jackson is honored to have been there at the beginning with Friedman and is incredibly proud to continue the tradition of making history with him as he writes the next chapter in his ever-evolving and expansive career.

“It gives me extreme pleasure to welcome Marty back home to the Jackson family,” said Jackson Artist Relations Manager Mike Tempesta. “He is a hugely influential musician whose playing style defies boundaries and has paved the way for innumerable guitarists around the globe. An artist of this caliber demands nothing but the best and we are honored that Marty relies on his Jackson guitars, whether on the stage or in the studio, to cover any genre of music he may encounter. We look forward to an exciting future together.”

Since embracing Japanese music and eventually relocating to Japan, Friedman has cemented his image as a unique and unpredictable solo artist while further solidifying his celebrity rock star status. He has earned several top 10 spots on the Japanese charts and has performed in Japan’s largest venues— from the Tokyo Dome to Budokan. He has also guested on over 700 television programs, acted in four motion pictures and appeared in several commercials and TV ad campaigns. On Nov. 4, 2016, the Japanese government named Friedman an “Ambassador of Japanese Heritage.”

Latest solo album Inferno marks his purest, heaviest and most impressive guitar work, and also features several notable collaborations with artists such as Rodrigo y Gabriela, Revocation’s David Davidson, Danko Jones, Children of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho and former bandmate Jason Becker. Marking the first time he charted in the U.S. as a solo artist on the Billboard top 40, Friedman calls Inferno “by far the most intense, sickest album I’ve ever done.”

Following two years of heavy global touring to support Inferno, Friedman is back in the recording studio with plans of a new album release in 2017.

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