1. Orders
1.01- What methods of payment do you accept?
1.02- Is it secure and safe to buy from your store?
1.03- How do I know if my order went through?
1.04- How long does it take to get an e-mail verification?
1.05- Is it possible that your checkout can accidentally take my order twice?
1.06- If I have a problem who should I contact?
1.07- What is your return policy?
2.01- How do I download my Music ordered from Guitar4Fans?
2.02- How are tracks encoded?
2.03- Frequently asked questions.
3. Shipping
3.01- How much is shipping?
4. Shopping Cart
4.01- How do I get a shopping cart?
4.02- How do I put items in my shopping cart?
4.03- How do I view what is in my shopping cart?
4.04- How do I remove something from my cart?
4.05- How do I change the quantity of items in my cart?
4.06- What browsers can I use?
4.07- The cart isn’t working the way I think it should, what can I do?
4.08- I only left the store for a minute and my cart is empty, what happened?
4.09- Will my personal information and credit card number be stored online?
5. Other Frequently Asked Questions
5.01- How long has Guitar4Fans been in business?
5.02- Does Guitar4Fans sell musical instruments?
5.03- Is your website secure and safe?
5.04- I’m an Artist or a Music Label, is it possible to have my CD in your store?
5.05- I didn’t see what I was hoping to find, now what?
5.06- Are all of these items in-stock?
5.07- Can I give Guitar4Fans some feedback?
5.08- Do you automatically put me on your mailing list?
5.09- Do you release any information to other companies?
5.10- Do you you have a physical paper catalog I could receive by mail?
1. Orders
1.01 What methods of payment do you accept?  arrow top
We accept accept payment via PayPal, Euro Check and Bank transfert.
1.02 Is it secure and safe to buy from your store? arrow top

Yes. All transactions are processed on 128bit SSL secure  encrypted servers that ensure all customer data is safe.

Guitar4Fans also supports secure payment transactions using Paypal so we don’t keep Credit Card numbers in the store.

1.03 How do I know if my order went through? arrow top
Our system will tell you that your order was placed at the end of the checkout process. When it tells you your order number, you know that we have your order. Also, an e-mail is another tool for order verification. Check your e-mail if you are not sure everything was done correctly, and double-check your order.
1.04 How long does it take to get an e-mail verification? arrow top
You should receive an e-mail within several hours after placing your order. If you don’t get an e-mail, then you should e-mail us to make sure your order was placed correctly. In several rare past cases, some users have typed their e-mail addresses incorrectly.
1.05 Is it possible that your checkout can accidentally take my order twice? arrow top
No. While it is easy to hit a “Submit” button twice, our system is designed to only accept it once. If you do click more than once, our system will ask you to check your e-mail to make sure your order was placed correctly.
1.06 If I have a problem who should I contact? arrow top
If you have a problem, the best way to contact us is by e-mail because we can direct your message to the correct Customer Service Team Member. Our e-mail page allows you to get in contact with us. You can access this page by clicking here.
1.07 What is your return policy? arrow top

Guitar4Fans has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee policy. We guarantee your satisfaction with our merchandise. You may return an unopened item, in unused and new condition within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling charges). Guitar4Fans accepts returns on other products within 30 days if the item is in the original “new” and unused state. Opened, used, unwrapped, or road tested items will not be accepted for return. If you need to return an item or are having problems with an item you have ordered, e-mail us and we will help you out.

Damaged or defective items… If you receive a damaged or defective item, we will promptly send you a replacement or issue you a full refund after you have returned the damaged or defective product. You will not be charged any additional shipping or handling fees for replacement shipments. Please contact us via e-mail for directions on returning the defective product or products.

2.01 How do I download my Music ordered from Guitar4Fans? arrow top

As soon as your order is done we check that the payment is well received (Under 24h if made with Credit Card). Then an email is automaticaly sent to you so you know you can download your file(s).

Here is how to proceed:

1 – Connect to www.guitar4fans.com
2 – Login to your account.
3 – Click on “Account history” and on “View” corresponding to
your order.
4 – Click on Download button.
5 – A window will open, select Save.
6 – Choose the repertory where you want to put the file then
click on Save.

If ever you have a problem during the download, like a network failure, you can proceed again.


MP3 files purchased and downloaded from Guitar4Fans.com cannot be refunded since we can not ascertain whether or not the product has been used/stored.

2.02 How are tracks encoded ? arrow top
Digital Albums sold are encoded in 256kbps or 320kbps Mp3 files, with no DRM. MP3 is currently the most widely adopted audio format and can immediately be played on all digital media players.
2.03 Frequently asked questions. arrow top
What computer should I use to download my music?
You should download your music to the one computer where you keep your digital musics. It is of course recommended to make a backup.
How often can I download my music?
If for some reason your download is interrupted you may download your file with no limit.
Where on my computer did my downloads get saved to?
You can also use the Search button in the Windows Explorer navigation bar. In the Search field, type *.zip since all music files you download from Guitar4Fans.com end in the extension zip.
How can I see all the songs I have downloaded in the past?
Login to your Account and click the Order History link. You can view a complete list of past downloads including the date purchased.
If I lose the song, can I download it again?
Once a song is on your computer, it is your responsibility. If your computer is lost or damaged, Guitar4Fans.com is not obligated to replace your music after it has been downloaded.
How do I know if Music Downloads are safe?
We promise you that all music you download from Guitar4Fans.com is free of viruses and completely safe for your computer. Guitar4Fans.com is not responsible for system, software, or hardware issues with your computer.
3. Shipping Costs
3.01 How much is shipping? arrow top
The shipping costs are automaticaly calculated depending on items in your cart and delivery country. You don\’t need to be registered to view them, just have a look on the shopping cart page.
4. Shopping Cart
4.01 How do I get a shopping cart? arrow top
When you first visit our store, a cart is automatically assigned to you.
4.02 How do I put items in my shopping cart? arrow top
When you view a product or item, there will be an “Add to Cart”  button. Click the button and “1” of that item will be placed in your cart. Quantities can be changed by using the “Update” button while viewing your shopping cart.
4.03 How do I view what is in my shopping cart? arrow top
You can view the contents of your cart at any time by clicking the “Shopping Cart” link on the top-right corner of the page.
4.04 How do I remove something from my cart? arrow top
You can remove items from your cart by clicking the delete link  ( click the X ) next to each item or by entering “0” in the quantity box and clicking the “Update” button.
4.05 How do I change the quantity of items in my cart? arrow top

While viewing your cart, you may change the quantity of each  item by changing the number in the “Qty” box for that item. Then click the “Update” button. Your changes will then be updated.Entering a “0” will erase that item from your cart.

You can remove items from your cart by clicking the delete link ( click the X ) next to each item or by entering “0” in the quantity box and clicking the “Update” button.

4.06 What web browsers can I use? arrow top
Guitar4Fans works on all web browsers.
4.07 The cart isn’t working the way I think it should, what can I do? arrow top
If you think the cart is not working correctly or if you are having problems using our cart, please e-mail us the problem you are having. We appreciate your help in reporting problems using our site. If we don’t know you are having  problems, then we don’t know we need to fix them.
4.08 I only left the store for a minute and my cart is empty, what happened? arrow top
Your browser may have “cookies” turned off. If you don’t have  cookies enabled, then we can’t keep track of your cart items if you leave the store. If your computer supports cookies and you have them turned on, your cart and wish list items will remain saved for 30 days after each visit.
4.09 Will my personal information and credit card number be stored online? arrow top
No. We do not keep your information and credit card numbers in online databases, like many other websites. Because of this, you must re-enter your information each time you place an order with us. This way is 100% secured !
5. Other Frequently Asked Questions
5.01 How long has Guitar4Fans been in business? arrow top
Guitar4Fans has been doing on-line business since 2004.
5.02 Does Guitar4Fans sell musical instruments? arrow top
No, Guitar4Fans focuses on MP3, CD, DVD and some accessories.
5.03 Is your website secure and safe? arrow top
Yes. All transactions are processed on 128bit SSL secure encrypted servers that ensure all customer data is safe. Guitar4Fans also supports secure payment transactions using Paypal so we don’t keep Credit Card numbers in the store.
5.04 I’m an Artist or a Music Label, is it possible to have my CD in your store? arrow top
Guitar4Fans is also distributing 100% independant Artists,  so of course you’re welcome ! Contact us and we will give all the details.
5.05 I didn’t see what I was hoping to find, now what? arrow top
You can always ask us to try and find something that isn’t listed on our site. We are constantly adding to our store, so there are always items not yet on the website. E-mail us what you are looking for and we will do our best to find it for you.
5.06 Are all of these items in-stock? arrow top
We stock many items in our warehouse, however, due to the vast amount of music titles we carry, not all CDs and DVDs are kept in stock. If an item is not in-stock, most items will be restocked within 3 to 7 business days and shipped to you immediately.
5.07 Can I give Guitar4Fans some feedback? arrow top
Yes. We would love to hear from you. Feel free to e-mail us  using our Contact Page.
5.08 Do you automatically put me on your mailing list? arrow top
No. We ask if you would like to sign up for our Mailing List/e-Newsletter at checkout. Only those that agree to receive our mailings are placed on our list.
5.09 Do you release any information to other companies? arrow top
No way. All information provided to Guitar4Fans is not  released to other companies under any circumstances and never will be.
5.10 Do you you have a physical paper catalog I could receive by mail? arrow top
Sorry, we are not making paper catalogs at this time. Paper  catalogs create more cost overhead for us, thus we would rather focus on our website catalog and offering the best possible prices online. Plus, we will save some trees!