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Fabio “Anarchybrain” Varrone’s musical career began in 1993 when he was his first band at the age of 13: Lust Souls. From 1993 to the present Anarchybrain boasts the musical experience playing in more than 32 bands between Rome and Florence, often also as a session musician in important bands such as: Destir. In 1996 Anarchybrain recorded his first demo with his psychedelic rock band The Mirrors Us and later also recorded with his band the Stone Throwing Devils. In 1996 he collaborated with Bob Fabiani on the creation of “Spazio Notturno” on Friday broadcast on S.C.R. Radio in Rome in Fm Very many are his live experiences; among which we mention: Alpheus; Artists’ Circle; Global Village and also played with the band Black Anvil at the Salone Margherita theater for the “Bagaglino” company, in a special episode. He studied guitar with various masters among whom we remember; Maurizio Di Chio; Massimo Varini; Mats Hedberg. Also in 2001 he collaborated with Enrico Capuano, also working as Roadie for some of his concerts and for the Statute and the Gang for two dates in Carpineto Romano also in 2001. n addition to the guitar, Anarchybrain studied opera singing with the famous singer Vincenzo Reina; solfeggio with the maestro Felice Fabiani; piano with professor Maria Pinto; drums with maestro Roberto Rebecchi. He also played as a session man with maestro Roberto Pregadio della Corrida as a drummer helper for his auditions. In 2001 he graduated from the University of Music in Rome in Cubase Vst, while in 2003 he always graduated with Massimo Varini, for a Master Class held by the well-known guitarist. In 2005 he graduated in Solfeggio at the Ludovico Da Victoria Academy. Furthermore Anarchybrain worked in radio as a collaborator in S.C.R. Radio of Rome, and currently runs its own online radio, also collaborating with Radiattiva. Several times he was a guest on the broadcast Radio Casbah of the famous singer-songwriter Enrico Capuano. In 2002 he founded his independent label Nelly Records, for which he produced bands like: Bambolenere; Hell’n’heaven; Ars Onirica, and the same The Brainwash his band, with which he has recorded so far 3 albums.His Nightcap side project began in 1996 with the demo The Outside Of The Sun, a project in which Anarchybrain ranges from rock to black metal. His solo works that bear his name saw the light in 2002 with the first album Mir Ghet’s Gut! In which his brother Luca Varrone plays as a session man on drums; in 2004 he recorded Prisma a collection of extracts and unpublished instrumental tracks in which he exalted his guitar skills taken from the various works of Nightcap. 2003 working as a DJ in the transmission Never Get Out on Radio Persefone Also in 2004 he joined Radioattiva with the program “Never Gert Out”, a program in metal, Punk and Alternative. In 2004 he plays with the Le Mòn band of Cosimo Bianciard (ex Kaos Tributo), produced by Paolo Benvegnù former founder of Scisma, he plays in his studio for a year. In 2005 it was the turn of his third album Solitude Symphony, a work composed entirely of unreleased tracks recorded in the spring of 2005. In 2005 he worked with the director Giamopiero Buccinà in the film “Il Ritorno de E’Ridaje” in the role of the adept of the Maestro of the Satanic cult.On 2005 he joined Fabio Massimo Bava in the Perfidy Biblical prominent band in the international metal scene. 2006 is part of the National Contest Technical Jury at the Jailbreak Pub in Rome. In 2009, together with Fabio Bava, he formed the Lectern. In November 2006 Pierrot released the new album. In 2011 until 2013 he worked at the Titania dubbing and soundtrack company with Andrea and Stefano Di Cicco, for the collaboration of soundtracks and dubbing of the company spot broadcast on Dimensione Suono Due. He also studied dubbing with Giorgio Lopez and Stefano Mondini, in the same period. In 2013 he worked as a dubber for the animated series Padez conceived by Enrico Bonafè and Elio Crugliano for Pill Cartoons, and also lent his voice to the mascot of the sports newspaper of the Crotonese “Sportino”. 2013 works as a dubber for radio commercials for Bergamo’s Radio Star. On 13 July 2014 he starts with his band The Brainwash for a tour that will last until December 29, 2015 where they will perform in prestigious ports such as the Stammtish Tavern in Chieti where they played people of the caliber of Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), in a Of the many dates of the tuour a date is also organized in Tivoli together with Tata of Ovada clown of international fame and president of the national association Clown of Italy, which has worked with the most prestigious circuses of Europe and Africa as Circo Orfei; Togni etc. as well as a clown of the TV show “Nonno Ugo” broadcast on Junior TV, the historic national broadcaster for children. In the exhibition Anarchybrain has the idea of combining Thrash Metal music with a Clown show both during the band’s performance and during the breaks between a song and the other in which Tata of Ovada made his scketches. In 2015 he worked until 2016 for Ciadd News Radio and Radio Artist with the transmissions: “Il Labirinto dei Misteri”; “Dossier”; “Morning News”; “Ciadd News Giornale Radio” and “Hard Mania”. In 2015 he worked as an actor for the company Anime di Carta for the show “Cena con Delitto” by Emanuela Petroni held at the restaurant “Le Delizie degli Angeli” in Monteporzio Catone. In 2015 he worked as an appearance in the film “Ovunque tu Sarai” directed by Roberto Capucci with Ricky Memphis; Primo Reggiani and Francesco Montanari. From January 2016 to Today: satirical Opinionist at the program Musica Emozioni in Libertà / La Musica non ha Age by Sandro Volpini at Radio Artista and Radio Free Station.In 2016 he joined Forlì’s Radio Sound Garage with the Hard Mania program. Also enters in Palermo’s Extra Radio, with the program conceived by Francesco Licari “Emerging Sounds”. He enters as a Speaker, comedian, imitator and carries out important interviews for Radio Free Station alongside Neapolitan Antonietta Mirtilla, interviewed in this radio: Alvaro Vitali; Tony Cicco (Formula 3); Omar Pedrini; Benito Urgu (Barrittas); Shell Shapiro (The Rokes); Simone Schettino; Eugenio Finardi, Fabio Concato, I Delirium; Gianni Dall’aglio (Ribelli, Cementano) and many others. In February 2017 he collaborated with Richard Benson in friendship. In total, Anarchybrain publishes 15 albums and participates in a benefit concert and other live events on July 1, 2017 to promote his new work Ocean in the Sky due for release on September 26th 2017 on his birthday. On October 27, 2017, his song rose to second place in the ranking of the 7va radio circuit, surpassing artists like Madonna; Vasco Rossi; Robert Plant; U2; Matt White; Demi Lovato; Flactwood Mac. From October 2020, together with Tony Riggi and Mirko Parisi, he founded TMF Production, a Radio TV production company based in Latina. He also becomes director of Radio Clock Mania directing the schedule, directing and creating new formats for the radio. In the summer of 2020 thanks to the huge charity that Anarchybrain gave to Greenpeace; WWF; Being Animals; Sea Sheppard and much more for the environment and animals are awarded the titles of: Duke of Ladonia; Baron of Sea Land; Lord of Scotland (for saving a small part of the Scottish forest) and Knight of Cassiopeia. On 25 April he was invited to the Radio Stay Rock Tv broadcast by Gianluca Mei with whom he began an artistic partnership creating the Magical Mystery Duo Music Jam. On 10 July 2021 she is part of the jury of the Eleonora Lavore singing competition for Elevision. On 11 July he plays with Iskra menarini in Rome at the Stadio Dei Marmi for a social initiative for sport. Interregional final in Celano on August 24, 2021 together with international drummer Tony Liotta with whom he performed at the Ariston Theater during San Remo Rock on 9 September 2021


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